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BEC - SM - 3

This is a small mini drill rugged and highly portable and is of Rotary – cum – DTH Drill  Which has been designed to drill shallow water wells upto 60 mtrs. It is faster than any other mini drill in the market today.

The BEC SM – 3 Drill is the result of over 30 years of experience. It can be carried easily from place to place manually because of lesser weight and is useful for drilling shot holes
For “seismic survey”. The machine is a modified and refined evolution of traditionally available small drilling rig.

The BEC – SM – 3 drill is a small drill, light weight, easily portable and can drill efficiently. It is with detachable mast, engine, hydraulic tank, buick change couplings, base frame and manually transported by means of tyres.


Drilling Capacity

Top Head
Driving System
Max. Torque

Feed System
Driving System
Max.pull down force
Max.pull up force

Mud Pump





127 dia x 60 mrs by DTH and Rotary

Hydraulic Motor & Gear box
0-80 RPM

Hydraulic motor with chain
1000 Kg.
1000 Kg

Centrifugal mud pump driven by separate diesel engine